Remembering Auschwitz: 75 years on

Auschwitz survivor Alberto Israel, 93, was detained at the camp in Poland in 1944 when he was 17 years old. He says he still has nightmares about it.

Sierra Leone: mudslide leaves thousands homeless

Thousands of people remain homeless weeks after the Sierra Leone mudslide disaster.

Liberia: hopes of banning FGM fade

Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf battled unsuccessfully to ban female genital mutilation during her 12-years as Africa's first female president, and now as she prepares to step down ahead of Tuesday's general election, it's feared hopes of outlawing the practice will fade too.

Pregnant girls in Sierra Leone

The government in Sierra Leone bans visibly pregnant girls from attending school and taking exams, claiming the girls would set a 'bad example' for their peers.

Spanish Quarantine: Impact on Spain

Spain is feeling the pain of UK quarantine rules.

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